Virtual Schedule for 2021 as it is developing

Questions and Answers about how the Workshop will proceed - final information will be given to enrollees.

How is the Workshop organized?

You will have a day with each of our four faculty.  Each cellist will be in a group of other cellists whose ability will be roughly equivalent to your own.  You will move together through the Workshop, playing the piece you are working on for each faculty member and getting individual instructions.

There will be presentations by each faculty member on the topic of their choice regarding their approach to the Suites.

The lessons and lectures will be recorded and will be available for you to re-view for 30 days.  You will also be able to view the lessons that were taking place in the other three groups while you were having your own lessons.

How are the groups formed?

We have four faculty and we divide the cellists equally into four groups in order for each cellist to have time with each one.  This means that the cellists in your group may have a mix of people whose ability will vary. Cellists tell us that they learn a lot from watching someone else having their lesson.  You can choose to practice rather than watch someone else's lesson.  In any event, you will be asked to turn off your own audio and video during someone else's lesson.

Usually we have cellists submit a video of themselves playing a brief set of pieces (two to three minutes total.) These video clips were reviewed by Erika Pickhardt, celllist with the Albany Symphony Orchestra. There are a number of returning cellists whose ability we know because they have attended Workshops in the past. This year we will form the groups based on our knowledge of earlier participants and your self-descriptions

How should I prepare?  

This is your Workshop, so choose which Suite (or movement or segment) that you are working on for which you would like help from our faculty.  You will have the choice of playing it live during the Workshop or if you prefer, you can prepare a recording that you can upload to Zoom during your lesson.  The faculty will give you guidance and may ask you to try a different approach which you would play live. 

What do I need to do to prepare my computer for participation?

Our Technical Assistants, Rebecca Shaw and Zacharie Lanoue, have prepared a video to explain how you can get the best results for viewing and presenting music via Zoom.   By July 25, you should be ready to participate completely, comfortably and without techno-stress! See this video here and others on our More About Page: 

What about tuning?

The official tuning for the Workshop will be A=440.  While we aren’t organizing ensemble playing, you may choose to play along with others on your own with your sound off.

What is the schedule for the week?

 - On Sunday noon, July 25, at (12:00 pm EDT) we will hold a welcome session and introduction for all full-time participants. We will ask each of you to briefly introduce yourself and tell a bit about your experience with the Bach Cello Suites.  We will introduce all of the faculty and answer any questions you have about the Workshop.  This will also give you the opportunity to make sure that all of your computer settings are working the way you'd like.

There will be an opportunity for a sound check for the participating cellists following this session.

  • Monday - Thursday, July 26-29: Lessons and presentations by faculty - see daily schedule below.
  • Friday, July 30:  
    • 9:45 am: Daily Welcome
    • 10:00 am - noon Master classes: Each faculty member will hold a masterclass with one of the students with whom they worked during the week.  Everyone will be able to view these masterclasses.  
    • 12:30 pm There will be a break for a final social hour.  
    • 7:00 pm A concert presented by faculty will take place at featuring Bach Suites and other pieces that either influenced J.S.Bach, or were influenced by him. The concert will be a ticketed event open to the general public to view.  As a BCSW participant, your concert ticket is included.

What is the Monday-Thursday schedule?

In this year of a virtual Workshop, the schedule will be different from the in-person event. Faculty and cellists will be scattered around the country so we’ll be covering multiple time zones. The final schedule will be listed in Eastern Daylight Time.  

Over this period, you will meet with each of our four faculty. You will go into Zoom ‘rooms’ with your ability group and meet with a different faculty member for a day. By the end of the day Thursday, you will have had a day with each of the four faculty.

  • 9:45 am EDT - daily announcements via Zoom - everyone gets online
  • The first lesson session of the day will begin at (10 am EDT) and last until (12:30 pm.)
  • We will leave Zoom open to all who wish to socialize over lunch (or break, depending on where you are.) On some days we may offer themed breaks as we did during the last year we were in person.  There may be 'table talk' topics such as "Pets" "Best Books of the year" "Pandemic Pandemonium" etc. when separate lunch rooms will be opened. Topic suggestions welcome!
  • After the break, a second round of lessons with the same faculty member will be held starting at 2:00 pm EDT until 4:00 pm.
  • A social break will be held with open Zoom from the end of the afternoon lesson until 6:00 pm.  These breaks are optional, but are encouraged to make connections with other cellists and to catch up with friends.
  • At each weekday, a faculty member will give a presentation about their relationship to the Suites, followed by a question and answer session that may evolve into a social gathering.