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Matt HaimovitzMatt Haimovitz talks about his early playing of the suites and how his relationship to them has evolved over the years.



Zuill Bailey with group class of cellistsIf you have wondered what it might be like to attend, this video gives you some food for thought. Made in 2016, this video expresses the point of view of the participants at the second annual Workshop at our earlier location at the Sage College, in Troy NY.

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The video made in 2018 poses the question 'why study the Bach Cello Suites?' Our faculty each reflect on this question and explain why they continue to work on these pieces and what it means to them to work with the adult amateurs who attend the  Workshop.  Featured are Zuill Bailey, Mike Block, Melissa Kraut and Jennifer Morsches. Recorded at College of St. Rose, Albany, in the Massry Center for the Arts.

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Video of our Big Bach Bash - July 28, 2018 concert at the end of Bach Cello Suites Workshop, held at the Picotte Recital Hall, Massry Center for the Ats, College of St. Rose, Albany, NY.  This is full lengh video of the concert. It was recorded from the Bach of the hall with no stage microphones.  There was a formal printed program, but the concert contained many surprise elements.

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Notes on technical suggestions:  Zach says:  If you have a good smart phone and a computer with a a video camera, you can participate easily in the Workshop.  There are suggestions in this video to make the best presentation you can.  If you want to enhance your technical side, here are the pro's suggestions.

Bach Cello Suites Workshop Zoom Video Guide

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