Reading list

Bach Cello Suites Workshop Reading list 

Not required reading, but enjoyable!

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The Cello Suites by  Eric Siblin - Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen and Unwin, 2011

One autumn evening, not long after ending a stint as a rock music critic, Eric Siblin attended a recital of Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello Suites. There, in a spine-tingling moment, something unlikely happened: he fell deeply in love with the music, and had to hear more, know more.


Play it again : an amateur against the impossible   by Alan Rusbridger, London : Jonathan Cape, 2013

Rusbridger's description of mastering the Chopin Ballade is hugely engaging, yet his subject is clearly larger than any one piece of classical music. Play It Again deals with focus, discipline, and desire but is, above all, about the sanctity of one's inner life in a world dominated by deadlines and distractions.


The Late Starters Orchestra  by Ari L. Goldman, Chapel Hill : Algonquin, 2015

Goldman led a rich, full life in his late 50s, with family, faith, and career (former New York Times reporter, professor of journalism at Columbia, author of three books, including the best-selling The Search for God at Harvard, 1991). But when he took his cello to his first rehearsal of the New York Late Starters String Orchestra, his “middle-aged musical obsession” blossomed. 


Never too Late : my musical life story by John Caldwell Holt,  Ticknall, Derbyshire : Education Now and Lighthouse books : 1992, c 1978

“If I could learn to play the cello well, as I thought I could, I could show by my own example that we all have greater powers than we think; that whatever we want to learn or learn to do, we probably can learn; that our lives and our possibilities are not determined and fixed by what happened to us when we were little, or by what experts say we can or cannot do.”