What you may wonder about Bach Cello Suites Workshop

Why Study J.S. Bach’s six cello suites?

Am I ready for this Workshop?

How should I prepare?

Why is this Workshop limited to adults aged 30+?

What happens in the evenings?

What are some resources for learning more about Bach and the Suites?


Why study J.S. Bach’s six cello suites? 

The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello are the quintessential works for the instrument.  

This workshop is designed with you, the adult amateur cellist, in mind. Perhaps you play in a community orchestra or an ensemble. You might be a music teacher. You may be returning to the cello after years or even decades away from playing. Or you may be a steadily improving late-starter.  You may be working solo or with a teacher. 

Did you spend time with your cello during the pandemic unable to play in your usual groups and discovered the solo suites?  It was the perfect time to become acquainted with them if you hadn’t before.

Whatever your situation, you may be at that point in your musical journey where you are seeking a meaningful and exciting way to engage intensively with the Bach Cello Suites. If so, Bach Cello Suites Workshop can help you “build your better Bach.” Music is a lifelong pursuit and joy. Stretching your musical boundaries, at all stages of life, sharpens the mind, excites the ears, and quickens the heart. So join us at Bach Cello Suites Workshop for a glorious week of expanding musical horizons.

Space is limited for full participation in the Workshop. We aim to keep the ratio of cellists to faculty low to maintain the personal nature of the Workshop that our participants cherish.

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Am I ready for this Workshop?

Over the years, we have found that the people who attend this Workshop get the most out of it if they have already been working on some portion of Bach’s Cello Suites and feel comfortable playing the part(s) they have been practicing.  This way, they can focus on guidance provided by the faculty who have dedicated years to the study of the Suites.  You will know where you need their help. The Workshop provides you with the opportunity to more deeply understand and interpret the pieces you’ve been working on.  

Why is this Workshop for people over 30 years of age?

 If you are a talented high school cellist bound for conservatory, or already a conservatory student aiming toward a career as a professional musician, this Workshop will not meet your needs.  There are many excellent camps and workshops tailored specifically for high school, college and conservatory students.  This Workshop is designed for adult amateur cellists who are seeking to enrich their musical lives beyond the bounds of formal educational institutions.

What happens in the evenings?

When the programmed part of the day is done, there is social time at the residence hall.  There are several spaces available for informal playing in groups.  Bring along music you’d like to play with others or simply gather for conversation.  This is a good time to practice what you’ve learned.

What are some resources for learning more about Bach and the Suites?

Visit the ‘More about’ section of this website for video interviews and listing of some books to read.  Send us your favorite books to add to the list