Music and the Mind

Learn about the brains of music-makers

Learning and playing music, more than almost any other activity, strengthens and preserves brain function.

Moreover, the brain of a musician is markedly different from that of a non-musician!  In a multimedia presentation, UAlbany Neuroscientist, Dr. Ewan McNay discusses just how and why this happens and explains how continuing to make music helps keep your brain young.

Bach Cello Suites Workshop hosted Dr. McNay in a public lecture in March 2019.  He will be coming to the 2019 Workshop this summer to speak to our participating cellists.  

We are looking forward to having him share with you his research.  Bring your questions!  If you would like to read-up on the topic, check our reading list - under the tab ...More About

Dr. Ewan McNay



Ewan C. McNay

Associate Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, UAlbany 2000 Ph.D. University of Virgina, Neuroscience 1992 B.Sc. University of Sheffield, U.K., Biochemistry




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